IN15  JavaScript Fundamentals
2 days
Lecture, discussion, demos and hands-on labs
The course introduces the experienced HTML author to client-side scripting using JavaScript. Techniques are presented to serve both Mozilla/FIrefox and MS Internet Explorer browsers.
The course is intended for students already familiar with both general programming (C/C++/VB etc) and the fundamentals of HTML documents including document structure and formatting, anchor links, image handling and HTML forms.
Note, an abbreviated subset of this material is also included in IN10 "HTML Web Coding"
Key Topics
Overview, Versions; <SCRIPT> Tag, Attributes, Embedded vs External Scripts, JS Protocol; Debugging; Syntax & Structure, Identifiers, Types, Literals; Numeric & String Functions; Operators, Expressions & Statements, if/case/while/for, Object Iterator; Browser/Version Detect; Arrays; Functions, Arguments/Return, Scope; Examples

Overview, Host Objects, Window, Document, Location, History; Manipulating Windows, Properties/Methods, open/close, Load Events, Timers & Intervals; History & Location, Properties/Methods; Document Properties & Methods; Graphics & Image Rollovers; Using Cookies, Format, Set/Retrieve Info, Expiration, Domain; Frames; Examples

HTML <FORM> Tag & Attributes; FORM Element Coding, Text, Hidden, Radio, Checkbox, Areas, Select, Buttons; Scripting Forms, Document/Form JS Objects, Naming References; Form & Element Events, HTML/ JS; Handling Elements, Client-Side Processing; Validating Form Data, Submit Event Processing; Email Forms; Examples
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