IN30  XML Fundamentals
2 days
Lecture, discussion, demos and hands-on labs
This course presents a technical introduction to XML concepts and technologies. Included are topics on creating XML documents, HTML presentation using both CSS (client) and XSLT (server) transformations and validating XML with DTDs.
This course is intended for a broad audience including web site/application developers. A solid background in HTML is required and some programming familiarity will be helpful (such as  IN11 "HTML Fundamentals").
Key Topics
Introduction & Overview -
Evolution, SGML, Standards, Usage; Documents, Modeling, Presentation, Processing; Definitions: Applications, Document; Browsers, SW, Tools (Editors, Parsers, Processors); Technologies: XML, XLinks, DTD, XSchema, XPath, XSLT, CSS, XPointer, XQL, DOM, SAX); APPENDIX: SAX, DOM

Creating XML Documents -
Overview, Syntax, Structure tags, case, names, quotes, entities, whtspc, comments; Declarations PI, attributes, Entities, Decl DTDs, PUBLIC vs SYSTEM, syntax;
Elements, Attributes, paired/empty Values (string, numeric, entity); Entities: Declaration, Internal vs External Predefined, Numbered, MixedContent, Unparsed NDATA/notation; APPENDIX: NameSpaces, XLinks, Character Sets, UNICODE

Formatting XML Documents CSS -
Overview, HTML vs XML Usage, Versions CSS1/2, Internal vs External, Inheritance, Blocks; Syntax: Rules, Selectors, Attributes (Properties); Selectors, Over, elements(tags), Simple, Grouping, Universal Contextual/Hierarchy, containment, Positional, Pseudo;
Attributes, Length/Size, Color, Keyword, Strings; CSS Properties, Layout Control, Display, Box, Position Text Styles, Font, Text, Color; Background, Color, image, repeat, attachment, position

Validating XML Documents DTD -
Overview:Internal vs External, PUBLIC vs SYSTEM; Elements, Attributes, Entities, Notations; Validators, Browser(web) vs SW (Xerces); Elements, names, sequencing, required/optional, Content-Models; Attributes, name, types, enum values, defaults, behavior; Entities, General Int/External, NonParsed, Parameter; Notations, Over, name, identifier (SYSTEM/PUBLIC); APPENDIX:Processing Instructions., Conditional/exclude, XML Schema

Transforming XML Documents XSLT -
Overview, Purpose, vs CSS, Client vs Server Processors, Xalan; Definitions, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO, Select, Reorder, Output nodes; Source/Result Tree, Nodes, root, elements, text, attributes; Comments, namespaces, process instruct; Template Rules, match pattern, output, Stylesheet Structure, NameSpaces;  Essentials, Root Element, HTML Doc, Simple Element Match, Default Template Rules; Applying Templates, Extracting Text, Looping; Selecting Nodes, Templates: Location Path Patterns, Wild Cards, Precedence; Children, Descendant, Attributes; Conditions; Sorting: apply-templates/for-each, keys, data-types, ordering; XPath Templates & Expressions, Node Axes, ancestor/descendant, parent/child; Node Sets, Context/Current Node, Child, Parent, Sibling; XPath Tests & Functions
Compare, Arithmetic, String Ops, Formatting; APPENDIX: Outputing elements & attributes; Multiple Stylesheets, Named Templates, Variables/Parameters

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