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:: 30 years and counting ...

AJC Information Solutions has provided technical training services to leading securities, banking, insurance, utility and communications firms for
over 30 years.

:: Our materials ...

All participants receive a materials package that includes copies of all visuals, workshop guidelines and proprietary references.

Students in hands-on courses spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their time on computer workshops designed to reinforce the lectures and discussion.

Recommended manuals and textbooks are identified and can be supplied at modest additional cost.

:: Your training site ...

To eliminate your staff travel time and expense, as well as employing an environment familiar to the students, it is recommended that all technical training be delivered at your site.

We support and actively encourage consortium training arrangements and will work with you and your colleagues in other firms to arrange cost effective combined classes. Outside locations may be arranged in unusual circumstances.

About Us

AJC Information Solutions provides the effective technical training required to maximize the return on a firm's most costly information investment--its staff.

AJC Information Solutions employs both full-time staff and a select group of independent professionals to provide not simply courses, but solutions to information-based business needs. These solutions address the problems and needs of four principal groups--end users, technical staff, technical managers and the training manager. Our curricula recognizes the unique needs of these groups and responds with the necessary practical and conceptual technical training.

Course Offerings

AJC Information Solutions' current curriculum covers three principal areas: operating systems, programming languages and database management systems, in PC, UNIX and IBM environments.

The courses use proven instructional methods to present simultaneously both conceptual knowledge and practical skills. This combination most effectively conveys not only specific techniques, but also the ability to generalize solutions to novel situations.

The curriculum includes overviews, entry level and advanced course topics to best address the varying levels of detail required by diverse audiences. The curriculum is modular in design with logical sequences of related courses. The course lengths and topics form natural combinations that simplify weekly scheduling.

Customized Curricula

AJC Information Solutions specializes in live, interactive training and as such, responds to its student's individual needs by providing instructors with exceptional technical and delivery experience. The resulting dialog allows real-time delivery customization impossible with self-study or CBT based training.

Individual courses can often be tailored to meet your particular needs by the inclusion/omission of specific topics and by the design of application specific lab exercises using business data. Our consultants will work with training and technical management to incorporate these changes, often at little or no additional cost.

AJC Information Solutions is qualified to work in partnership with training, technical and user staffs to analyze, design, develop and deliver custom programs ranging from individual courses to entire curricula.