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:: Current Course Offerings
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  Java Overview   1 day
  Java Programming   5 days
  Java EE Web Apps  5 days
  Java Advanced Topics   varies
  Java XML APIs   3 days

 UNIX/Linux Fundamentals  3 days
 UNIX Scripting - KSH   2 days
 Perl 5 Scripting   3 days
 Perl/CGI Programming   2-3 days

 XML Fundamentals   2 days
 Java XML APIs   3 days

 HTML Web Coding   1-3 days
 JavaScript Fundamentals   2 days
 Perl/CGI Programming   2-3 days

 C# Programming and Winforms  
       5 days

:: Other Courses Available
AJCIS also offers courses through affiliated partners. 

Contact Us for information on an extensive curricula including C/C++,  Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MVS, CICS, JCL, REXX

:: Books
We have recommended texts to prepare for or augment our classroom instruction. 

Coming soon ... AJCIS classroom handout text/files available for purchase.
E-mail for info